My name is Sania and I am French Canadian. After graduating from University with a Bachelor in Administration, I launched my career as sales director for a retail chain Company, where my responsibilities included planning and implementing, marketing and product developmentand managing a team of persons.

After working as sale manager for few years, I became the hr & operations director for a high end retail chain Company in Canada. At that time, I also became a lecturer in HR for a Fashion school.

In 2004, I meet my husband on vacation while finishing my MBA in electronic business. In 2005, I started to work as Web operations manager for a Company in USA.

My husband and I now live in USA with our three children's.

I'm a fitness junkie!  I run basically everyday since I was 16 years old. I love to read and research anything you might think about.  I can spend hours to research about a subject.

I started About Me as hobby, and a way to express and share my thoughts with others.

Please feel free to email me anytime               .

Thank you so much for reading.