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Function of Beauty Haircare Products

I received haircare products from my husband for Christmas. He was all excited to give me the box that contained shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty.

But, what is Function of Beauty? The Function of Beauty is personalized hair care based on your hair type & hair goals. Starting with an online “hair quiz,” the Function of Beauty’s website helps you build a personal hair profile and pick out hair care goals to determine what specific ingredients to include. 

All formulas are free of sulfates, parabens, and toxins. They’re also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. However, they do contain silicones.

When I opened the box, I noticed the products came with an outline of my hair profile and instructions based on my hair, specifically.

My hair is thin, straight and has no volume, but after using Function of Beauty for the first time and allowing my hair to dry naturally, my thin hair looked healthy, fuller and glossy. I was very impressed.

I even tried Function of Beauty on my 9 years old daughter. Her hair is always tangled and difficult to brush.  After a full week of using the Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner, I have noticed a lot improvement in my daughter’s hair.  It’s incredibly gentle and lightweight, detangles all her knots, and leaves her hair looking healthy and glossy.

A set costs $36 for an 8-oz. shampoo and an 8-oz. conditioner. If you want 16-oz bottles of each, a set costs $49. You can mix and match sizes if you use one product faster than the other. Shipping and returns are free.

Finally, I would recommend their products to anyone. You can learn more about Function of Beauty  or create your own customized products  on the company’s Website.

Function of Beauty

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