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Ways to Save Money During the Holiday Season

Make a list and a budget

If you’re a very organized person like me, you already know the expected amount you want to spend. Always calculate the amount that you know you can spend on gifts without affecting your family’s current expenses. Know how much you’ll spend on each person, what you’re going to buy them, and pay in cash.

Start you’re shopping

It is 2 months early but, by buying a few things between now and Christmas, you’ll be able to keep on top of your finances and keep track of what you’re buying.

Shop Online

I buy most of my gift online. Try Amazon for books, magazine subscription, toys, gadgets, games, small appliances, home decor and even fashion. I always find great deals on Amazon and I always start my Christmas shopping at the beginning of November. You can see early black Friday deals listed on their website. Also, try to go direct to the brand’s website. Remember Amazon may not always have the best price. Be sure to check out eBay, Walmart, and specialty stores.

Favorite brands emails subscription

One easy way to save is by registering for a store’s email or text notifications. After signing up for free retailers typically reward you with a 15% discount on your first order; then down the road, you might get sale coupons, birthday month coupon, advance notice of sales and friends and family events (offer 25% discount). Personally, I love fashion and I’m registered to sites like Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, RevolveClothing.com and ShopBop.com. I created an email address just for Websites registration to avoid to get emails in my personal mail box.

Buy gift cards

So, gift card is always a safe bet. Did you know you can buy discounted gift cards? Yes, there are numerous sites out there dedicated to selling gift cards at discounted prices.  You can find discounted gift cards on sites like giftcards.com or cardpool.com

Apps that give you a refund

New apps like Paribus and Earny, help you get money back on online purchases when prices drop at one of the merchants they monitor.  But, be aware that when you use those apps you are giving companies access to your personal information. There always a risk of what these companies could do with your data in the future.

Shop for sales at discount stores

To get the most out of your holiday budget check out the discount stores where you can find discounted items and great deals. TJ Marx, Marshalls, Costco, Sam Club and Big Lots.

Buy a combined gift

Perfect for kids or couple! You can save money while still giving great gifts by giving a slightly more expensive gift. Last year, we gave to our kids Xbox One Console. The gift was for the 3 of them.

Set Up a Gift Exchange

You can cut down on shopping for extended family by setting up a gift exchange. As your siblings grow up, get married and have children, your Christmas shopping list gets longer.

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