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We Are Never Too Old to Sleep with Stuffed Animals

Does you kid sleep with a special stuffed animal, doll or blanket?

My 8 years old twins love to sleep with a stuffed animal and their blanket. Last night, I asked my son a question “why you love to sleep with your stuffed animal”. His answer was “I feel safe” ” They protect me”. I realized a long time ago my kids have a need for comfort during the night, and stuffed animal remind them of feeling calm, secure and loved.

The funny thing is my twins were not interested in the stuffed animal before the age of 3 years old. It’s all started when they started preschool. I think it became a stress relief, a sense of identity and security. The comfort of a stuffed animal at night seems silly but studies show there’s no specific age for the habit. It’s normal for a kid to hold onto a nighttime stuffed animal later than you might think that he or she should.

A stuffed animal, doll, blanket are known as a transitional object in the psychology world, they can provide a sense of safety for children’s and adults. They are the perfect transitional object and also been shown to evoke social development. A stuffed animal is nothing to worry about. I have people I know that still displayed stuffed animals on their bed. I even know elderly that sleep with a stuffed animal. A lot of adults will use them to help them cope with stressful life events.

Allow your child this connection with a stuffed animal will benefit your child and yourself as a parent. People like to judge parents for every decision made, but doing what is right for your child is up to no one except yourself.

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