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Why Make a List of The Man You Want

Today, I would like to talk about making a list to find the man you want. I met my husband when I was 30 years old. I was single for 3 years and I was dating a lot of different guys. But, I never found someone that could fulfill my needs.

At 27 years old I got single after a heartbroken relationship. I needed time to heal and to know what I really wanted in a man. I started to consult a psychologist. I can tell you that was the best thing I ever did in my life. My goal was to work on my confidence and learn how to communicate better.

I started to change my mindset and I became the opposite way that what I was before. I was not the young girl who prefer to say nothing and accept everything in a relationship. I started to become the real me. The one who had opinions and wanted to share her thoughts.

The kind of guy I was dating changed. I was not attracted by the bad boys or the manipulator anymore.

I did a list of the character traits I wanted in a man. I put that list on my fridge and I was saying that list every day in my head. I ended up with the man I was looking for “my list”. Making a list can help you organize your thoughts about what you’re looking for and help you to attract things in physical reality. By becoming clear on all the things you do want in a man, you begin ushering out all the men that do not serve you.

Perfect men don’t exist. Don’t get specific on the looks. You’re not going to find the really good looking model you saw in the magazine, so don’t waste your time. Just make sure you include the right things on your list to find the perfect guy for you.

Take your list down to 10 items only, and not one of these traits can be physical or superficial. Personality, interest, commitment, family values are a good start. Write down everything that you feel that you would seek in a partner. What would make your dream guy? You could be surprised at how fast the “perfect man” come into your life. You may also be surprised to find that he’s been under your nose all along. Remember, the amazing guy often comes in unusual packages.

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